The most creative ideas are often the most simple ones. Here is a video a showing you ways to enhance your portraits using cheap and basic tools. A lot of these tools can be found at any grocery and hardware store. You don’t have to worry, there is no French explanations, it’s all done visually and is quite easy to follow.



Creating bokeh from lights or foil in front or behind your model will differentiate yourself from photographers who just use a white or black wall. It also makes for more appealing images that the model, or your client, would like.

bokeh portrait

portrait photography

Another great idea is to have your assistant drop foil clippings in front of the model. This causes a brighter-than-snow-falling effect and makes the photo interesting. They also add a cardboard box as a snoot to their flash which causes amazing shadows and focus on the model. If the snoot has a window-like modifier in front of it, it can also look like a window is causing the shadows, so your imagination can go wild.

Dramatic Photography

Will you try these ideas, and if you have any, what DIY methods or ideas have you used to make your images unique? Let us know in the comments!