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Favorite account to follow: Easy one, An incredibly talented England based portrait photog. @Harisnukem. There is an incredible sense of emotion in every single image. He could easily solely shoot females as all others do, but he excels just as well in males ports bar none nothing forced nor faked.

Favorite place to shoot portraits: So many to choose, but one will always hold my #1 slot. New York City, hands down. Merging a subject into the cities raw & gritty scene is quite the mix where the combos are literally limitless you have neon lights the sun hitting the building’s apex the tall building with mirrored glass, it’s nuts so much to create with your model.

Favorite camera/lens: I’ve shot dozens of bodies swivel screen stationary screen, large, compacts large medium formats as well as lenses big and small. Nothing amazes me more than the Canon EOS Mark 3 paired with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART. The perfect focal length as agreed by almost any and all photogs alongside the FullFrame CMOS sensor is dangerous, almost unmatched.

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